Decorate your porche with autumn flowers in purple Pynt inngangspartiet med lyng og krysantemum i lilla nyanser ©PHOTO: Mester Grønn

Herb Garden. Love this idea!

Back door herb garden using different sized galvanized buckets or containers from your local farm store.cute idea for handy fresh herbs

mini garden

Funny pictures about Broken Pots Turned Into Beautiful Fairy Gardens. Oh, and cool pics about Broken Pots Turned Into Beautiful Fairy Gardens. Also, Broken Pots Turned Into Beautiful Fairy Gardens photos.

This is so cool!  Temperate Climate Permaculture: Permaculture Projects: Herb Spiral http://tcpermaculture.blogspot.com/2011/05/permaculture-projects-herb-spiral.html

If you are not familiar with th ese, you are probably wondering, "What in the world is an herb spiral garden?" It is a type of her b garden that allows you to: Grow more plants in a smaller space. Grow herbs according to their needs and in varying soil.

Beautiful garden path inspiration! I love it!

Who doesn't want a beautiful path to walk on through their garden? Check out these 25 beautiful ideas for garden paths you will want in your garden!

Creative DIY Gardening Idea: Succulent Planter

Similar to the idea of hollowing out a tree stump, there are also plants that will grow really well in shallow rocks. You might already have a few rocks that are hollow enough t(Diy Garden Rocks)

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Herbs you grow in a garden will need to be dried for storage. This can be done using a variety of methods, but drying herbs the easy way may be preferable.