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an image of a man in armor with blue and purple lights on his face, standing against
Vetra - Mass Effect Andromeda by whereisnovember on DeviantArt
Vetra - Mass Effect Andromeda by FallonBeaumont on DeviantArt
an animated character standing in front of the stars
daxtri: “Nyx /ˈnɪks/: The Primordial Goddess of the Night ”
a black car parked on the side of the road with no parking signs on it
a comic strip with people talking to each other
The Art of Beverii
The Art of Beverii — So…does Alec Ryder approve of his children’s alien...
an image of the back end of a spaceship with stars in the sky behind it
There's No Shepard Without Vakarian
Garrus: Forgive the insubordination, but your boyfriend has an order for you… #masseffect
an image of some cartoon characters with different expressions
ME:Flexibility by DragonoftheDark on DeviantArt
ME:Flexibility by on @DeviantArt
the caption for shepard's weakness is shown in this meme
Outlaw Blues
I really want to play #MassEffect. Maybe when I blow my holiday bonus on a new computer =D
a poster with the caption nyan reaper your argument is invalid
Nyan reaper mass effect
a sign that says keep calm and use an emergency induction port
Emergency Induction Port
Emergency Induction Port by Fyrielle
two women standing next to each other with their hands on their hipss and one holding her
friends forever by ~domirine on deviantART
a door hanger that has an image of a cartoon character with glasses on it
DeviantArt: More Collections Like Mass Effect Commander Jane Shepard Chibi by We-Chibi
hahaha i'm making one deviantART: More Like Mass Effect Commander Jane Shepard Chibi by ~We ...
an image of a woman with blue eyes wearing a hoodie and looking into the distance
'Mass Effect 3' Release Roundup: Tali's Face Disappoints Fans, Brings Out Beautiful Concept Art [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
Tali. Mass Effect 3.
two cartoon images with one saying ah yes, shepard
Too bad both of them realized too late. Well, except for the councilor, he got a lucky break.
an image of a space ship in the sky
Welcome/Orientation - Official AI Site
Ark Hyperion