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Blízký pohled do červí díry?

This NASA Hubble Space Telescope view of the nearby barred spiral galaxy NGC 1672 unveils details in the galaxy's star-forming clouds and dark bands of interstellar dust. NGC 1672 is more than 60 mill

Matička Zeměkoule, je opravdu modrá.

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Space for fans of National Geographic images.

Asteroidy v prstenci.

Gorgeous photo of the planet SATURN. Peace in knowing that the God who made the universe actually loves and cares about every "me" in this world now, in centuries past, and in babies yet to be born.

Černá díra? Pokud ano, kam se skrze ní dostaneme?

Hoag's Object: A Strange Ring Galaxy: Hoag's Object spans about ly and lies about 600 mly away toward the constellation Serpens. Coincident-ally, visible in the gap (at about one o'clock) is yet another ring galaxy that likely lies far in the distance.

Skutečnost, nebo fantazie?

"How's it feel when there's time to remember/Branches bear like trees in november" (Mike Oldfield - Man In The Rain)