Mirka Gabrielová

Mirka Gabrielová

Mirka Gabrielová
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Take a balloon filled with tepid water, heat up your wax, dip the balloon into the warmed wax, without touching the pan that it's melted in, repeat until the desired thickness. Cool. Stick it in the fridge to make sure the wax is set, then drain the waterballoon over a sink, remove the bits of latex, add a tealight candle. Put on warm cookie sheet to flatten bottom.  this is really cool

how to make a volia candle holder Add cold water to a balloon. Dip balloon into hot wax. Leave to cool. Prick balloon and carefully remove. Add a small tea light and voila - your very own home-made luminier

"Where I've Been" Corkboard Map #DIY

DIY travel board-- love this ides. keep track of where you've gone and where you want to go. What a great idea, I think my kids would enjoy keeping up with where they have been. Would love to make it a world map.

So cute love these mug covers!

I will cut it from a sweater then add the little envelope until I learn how to knit. Knitted cup cozy for the tea or coffee drinker in your life. If only I could knit!

Apple cider vinegar acne treatment. Even works on acne scars.

Basic skin care tips for a woman to have a clean and healthy skin will certainly affect performance every day. Basic skin care tips such as the use of cosme