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Put a little “prep” in your step for spring! A little preppy and a totally classic combination of a plus size cable sweater, white button down, and a timeless boot cut dark jean. The bright yellow and cobalt make it anything but boring! This outfit is perfect for weekend wear or casual Fridays at the… Read More
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Purse Rack DIY. Buy a long, wood board. Screw hooks on sideways. Easy, organized, bag storage.
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Going into this post idea (which was just, you know, how to organize your books), I had no idea that I would find an entire online community dedicated to that #shelfie life. What in the eff is a #shelfie, you ask? It’s a photo of a bookshelf that is so aesthetically pleasing that it’s hard to believe it is in someone’s home and not just an interior design magazine. It basically shows *the* way to organize your books and to show them off to the world.
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Conquer that climb and enjoy the view.