Miss Xavier

Miss Xavier

I'm a complex soul who finds beauty in the simple things. Amateur chef; occasional songwriter; anime junkie; born traveler; and a lover of art in all her forms.
Miss Xavier
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Colour stain

for georgia, my rainbow baby. very interesting idea for a tattoo. faded colors, no outline, very soft. unlike anything I've ever seen before. looks like the rainbow a prism makes when the sun hits it.


Tattoos To Pay Tribute To Your Favorite Place - This is such a cute idea. I think it would be a really cute idea for couples. To use the coordinates of the place they met.

Home Row tattoo by Judy Kaufmann at Tattly.com, 5$ for a set of two.

Pretty little houses, all lined up in a row. This colorful Tattly by Judy Kaufmann can be worn as a bracelet, or cut apart into over a dozen individual dwellings!

Beautiful Rose Tattoo the water paint/ watercolour effect looks stunning, although this does look fake or maybe a tattoo concept, either way it still looks pretty. Delicate, exotic and gorgeous!

mswalrus collected watercolor flower tattoo on rib for girls in Fancy Tattoos. And watercolor flower tattoo on rib for girls is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 8372 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about watercolor for girls.