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I'm not a huge cat person (dogs are more my sort of cuddle fix), but I couldn't help but be utterly charmed by the latest European cat café to open in bell

Design Collaborator: Tommaso Guerra Romeow Cat Bistrot concept comes from Japanese Neko Cafè and European Cat Cafè, and arrives in Rome becomes something more: a bistro, with sophisticated vegan and raw cuisine and pastry, open from.

Super Mario cat

This Super Mario Cat costume is being worn by Mario. He was adopted less than a year ago and is my first cat. I was never a cat person, but I am so in love and utterly obsessed with my cat Mario, I even made.

The latest cute kitty sensation storming China is this cosplaying cat who goes by the name of Zhumao KeLe. The Beijing-based kitty became fa...

Kittens need to dress up on Halloween too! We've scoured the web and found 30 of the very best cat costumes to help you dress up your feline this fall.

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The Royal Corgis are the loving phrase given to this breed by many because of the association with the Queen of England and her love of pembroke welsh corgis.