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Ludmila of Bohemia (sv.Ludmila) - Czech saint and martyr venerated by the Orthodox and the Roman Catholics. The wife of Bořivoj, the grandmother of Saint Wenceslas (Sv.Václav). #Czechia

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Zikmund Lucemburský

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Karel Hynek Mácha (1810) - rommantic poet. His poem "Máj" is regarded as the classic work of Czech Romanticism and one of the best Czech poems ever written. #Czechia

Jan Evangelista Purkyně (1787) - anatomist and physiologist, one of the best known scientists of his time. He discovered special kind of brain cells (now called Purkyně cells), fibrous tissue that conducts electrical impulses of the heart (Purkyně fibres), etc. Purkyně also introduced the scientific terms plasma and protoplasm. #Czechia

Josef Jungmann (1773) - poet and linguist, and a leading figure of the Czech National Revival. Together with Josef Dobrovský, he is considered to be a creator of the modern Czech language. #Czechia

František Palacký (1798) - historian and politician, the most influential person of the Czech National Revival, called "Father of the Nation".

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Klatovy (Czech pronunciation: [ˈklatovɪ]; German: Klattau) is a town in the Plzeň Region of the Czech Republic. Klatovy was founded during 1260–1263 by Přemysl Otakar II. There are several historic buildings in the town such as the Black Tower, the Baroque Pharmacy, the Jesuit church with catacombs and the Archeacon's church.