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Этажерка White Quad. Стеллажи. Аусхаус — Хранение. Интерьер. Аксессуары
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The crosspieces are glued into shallow notches that give this horse its load-bearing strength. So dont just screw them on.
Simple Homemade Sawhorse
Cool sawhorses : Hamilton/Roberts Designs Woodworking : Fine Wood Boxes : Wall Shelves
DIY Tip of the Day: Easy Sawhorses. You can make a pair from five 2x4x8 cut into six 32-in. lengths and eight 26-1/4-in. lengths. Screw the 32-in. pieces into I-beam shapes and attach the legs to the I-beams with 3-in. screws. These screws, along with the upper edge of the I-beam, stabilize the legs. And when you need another workbench, just screw a piece of plywood on the sawhorses and you’ll have a stable table.
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