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the wistery flowers are hanging from the ceiling in front of a wall that looks like it is floating
You see everything when the world doesn't see you
some pink mushrooms are growing out of the rock
Pink Flamingo Oyster Mushrooms #valentines #happyvalentinesday #aquapricot #mushrooms by aquapricot
a pink and black flower on a white background
French artist Rachel Lévy photographs flowers that are past their prime: wilting, fading and revealing visible signs of decay. Nonetheless, captured in the last fleeting moments before perishing, they are strikingly beautiful. She sources only specific types of flowers from horticulturalists, to ensure that the plants have aged naturally and have been exposed to the elements. Myriad factors combine to create the (im)perfect specimen, from climate and sunlight to the varied lives of t...
two small orange mushrooms sitting on top of a tree stump next to eachother
mushrooms, orange marasmius by steve axford「み」
some yellow flowers that are growing out of the ground
Ingredients | StyleCraze
My favorite bright color in nature. Amarillo #MightyMushrooms
yellow mushrooms growing on the side of a wooden fence
some very pretty looking corals on the side of a tree trunk with moss growing all over it
Nature and more
the large pink flower is blooming in the garden
Cora by Kate Scott / 500px
Cora by Kate Scott on 500px
a person holding a bunch of flowers in their hand
wild bouquet
two black statues are standing in the grass with flowers on it's head and legs
Beautiful and endangered fungi: Black Earth Tongues
a green and yellow mushroom sitting on top of a lush green leaf covered forest floor
46 Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real ...
Hygrocybe Psittacina, photo by Taylor Lockwood