Milan Stříteský

Milan Stříteský

Milan Stříteský
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Donna Stolz University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Subject Matter: Mammalian cell collage stained for various proteins and organelles, assembled into a wreath Technique: Single slice confocal cell mosaic

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Dinosaur bone cells from the Morrison Formation in Utah that have been petrified with silica and quartz crystals. Image by Douglas Moore, University of Wisconsin.

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Dr Witold Kilarski, EPFL-Laboratory of Lymphatic and Cancer Bioengineering, Lausanne, Switzerland: Litomosoides sigmodontis (filaria worms) inside lymphatic vessels of the mouse ear Fluorescent confocal microscopy


Place Photomicrographer: Christopher Guérin, VIB (Flanders Institute of Biotechnology), Belgium Specimen: Cultured cells growing on a bio-polymer scaffold Technique: Confocal Image: Courtesy of Nikon Small World

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Porites lobata (LOBE CORAL), live specimen displaying tissue pigmentation response with red fluorescence by James H. Nicholson Coral Culture and Collaborative Research Facility, NOAA/NOS/NCCOS/CCEHBR & HML Charleston, South Carolina, USA