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Love this load out, this guy is probably from somewhere back East if hes rocking that much green

Airsoft, that's y seals n our soldiers r dying didn't order real bullets, fuckin idiots

Call of Duty Ghosts | Jake L Rowell - Artist

Call of Duty Ghosts © Activision / Infinity Ward ------- Jake Rowell = Art Lead & Marketing Image / Theerapol Srisuphan = Character Art / Gennady Babichenko = Weapon Art

A unit of the special forces of the German police

German regional SEK (Specialized operation armed response units of the German state police forces)

【画像あり】1度見たら忘れられない…台湾の特殊部隊のマスクが迫力あり過ぎる : まとめでぃあ

【画像あり】1度見たら忘れられない…台湾の特殊部隊のマスクが迫力あり過ぎる : まとめでぃあ