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three pictures with animals and trees on them are shown in this collage made out of paper
Paint like a Cave Man! (November 2012)
Cave Painting with Hannah's Art Club
an animal painted on the side of a piece of paper with other animals and plants
Cave Art
Cave Painting Art in Clay, fab idea...
two fossils are shown on a black surface
DIY Dinosaur Fossil Craft - Don't Mess with Mama
DIY Dinosaur Fossils - Don't Mess with Mama
four cookies with holes in them sitting on a table
An Enchanted Childhood Playschool ~ October 24th-28th ~ The Letter D
Fossielen maken (klei, speeldeeg,...)
several different pictures of animals and trees on paper
Stone Age Boy: Cave Painting Art Activity
stone age art project
an artistic painting on the ground with hands and birds
4th Grade Cave Paintings
Cave drawing art. What a cool way to incorporate social studies with art.
nine different types of plants and leaves on brown paper with white ink in the middle
Drawing Archives
Art Projects for Kids: Fossil Art Trading Cards
an ornament with seashells on it hanging from a rope next to a piece of wood
Fossil Fun | Activity |
Fossil Fun Activity,
an elephant made out of yarn sitting on top of a piece of cardboard with the words mammoth written below it
sérial crochet...suite - Mon monde créatif
Men kwam in aanraking met dieren, waaronder bijvoorbeeld de mammoet. Om te overleven had de mens uiteraard vlees nodig, ook konden de huiden gebruikt worden voor warmte of tenten. Hieruit ontstond dus een jagersinstinct, gecombineerd met de drang om te overleven.
some cookies that are on a cookie sheet
Dinosaurs & Fossil Fun
Easy to make dinosaur fossil cookies. Just use Schleich dino figurines!
a bulletin board with handprints on it that says prehistic cave painting
Into the Caves! by 4th grade
There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Into the Caves! by 4th grade