DIY Backyard Waterfall Projects

DIY Garden Waterfalls

DIY Greenery Wedding Arch by Bows and Arrows Flowers for Ginny Au workshops. Photography by Heather Hawkins.

DIY Wedding Arch

DIY Greenery Arch by Bows and Arrows Flowers for Ginny Au workshops. What about this for a kids fairytale birthday party? Photography by Heather Hawkins.

P.B.Shelley once said ‘ if winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ Yes. Though it’s cold outside, we look forward to a warm season. We welcome spring. Before spring comes, we can prepare some flower arrangements for home decorations or some special occasions. Today we have collected some DIY projects for you to learn how …

DIY Projects: Flower Arrangements

Back when I was wedding planning, flowers weren’t my priority. They just needed to be as no-nonsense and fuss-free as possible, and that meant lots of small thrifted glass jars with a few seasonal flowers in them, that we put together the night before.

Tall amaryllis centerpieces

Reyna -- An inexpensive decoration: Use green limes (or yellow lemons or small oranges) to fill your vases for a colorful summer or spring wedding centerpiece.

Lots of beautiful pathway designs

Pathways Design Ideas for Home and Garden

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This would certainly be a striking choice. Lime Green Wedding Color - Lime Green is a lovely color for spring and summer. In this collage we simply paired it with white for a simple approach to this vibrant color.