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Well, given that he's just Zorro and Zorro used Da Vinci's designs, I'm not surprised. -SB

Always thought his drawings of a winged suit looked like some kind of sweet cape!

And I am really glad they didn't.  If they had, we wouldn't have the Doctor we do now.

personally i'm not jumping to see a female Doctor but it would definitely be interesting, it is also nice to read that they at least tried to this so long along.

"Did Marvel know before it was released?" is the real question^.^

"Did Marvel know before it was released?" is the real question^.

Avengers, I really appreciated the lack of gooey romance breaking up the awesomeness... but there was still a hint between hawkeye and black widow.  And of course tony and pepper.

When asked about the lack of a romantic subplot in 'The Avengers', Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson told reporters, "There's no time for romance. We've got shit to avenge"

Nerdy fact

I can't see anyone else more perfect for the role. RDJ is Tony Stark/Iron Man. I also love that he only got the role because he was a pest about it.

nerdy facts

This is why RDJ is one of the greatest actors on the big screen<<<--- this is why Iron Man is one of the greatest movies ever!

Nerdy Fact In order to gain access to the Batcave in most adaptations of Batman, the hands of the Grandfather clock must be turned to the time Bruce Wayne’s parents were.