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a black and white drawing of a gnome in a chair with candy canes on it
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * A mi chemin de la Noël : c'est le moment d'inviter les Tomtes pour un coup de main dans les préparatifs !!! Les Tomtes? Les lutins suédois cromignons qui habitent nos maisons ! Moyennant un bol bien chaud de bouillie de céréales...
a gnome with green and white polka dots on it's face, wearing a green hat
Gnome in polka dot phrygian cap embroidery design | Embroideres studio
Gnome in polka dot phrygian cap machine embroidery design. Machine embroidery design.
a cartoon gnome with hearts on a snowflaked background, holding a heart
Cartoon gnome on a blue background vector image on VectorStock
an acrylic painting of trees and snow at night
Vintertema åk 6 v.3 -2015
På måndag träffar jag åk 6 för första gången detta år. Jag har 4 gruppen med 17 elever i varje grupp i 60 min. Min tanke var att jag ska ha ett Vintertema i samtliga klasser på bilden. Hur jag lä...
a drawing of a tree with snowflakes on it
Zimní strom – frotáž
Zimní strom – frotáž
three snowmen with hats and holly on their heads are sitting on a wooden table
Wine glasses from Goodwill...painted with snow texture paint. Cute candle holders and so easy!