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the skeletal skeleton and its major bones are labeled in this diagram, with labels on each side
Kostra člověka
the number nine coloring page with numbers for children to color and cut out from it
Cool multiplication visual
a white container filled with leaves and buttons
two children sitting in plastic baskets on the floor with toys and books written below them
Kindergarten literacy center- books in baskets :) kids would love this!
an open box sitting on top of a wooden floor next to paper cut out into letters
More DIY Sensory Ideas!
squiggles help little hands practice making letters. Make "squiggle cards" for children to copy in sand...literacy and sensory in one!
a red table topped with lots of paper cut out to look like circles and shapes
Pattern and Shape provocation - Adventures in Kindergarten: Discovery Time
Name Craft - Great for fine motor skills! Diy, Play, Craft Activities For Kids, Preschool Crafts, Preschool Learning
The Skains Family
Name Craft - Great for fine motor skills!
two people laying on the ground with their arms in the air and one person reaching for something
Painting like Michelangelo - awesome!
legos are arranged on top of a piece of paper next to a bowl of colored pencils
Using Legos to Teach Math and Writing - Do Play Learn
using legos to teach math and writing
several different colored keys with locks attached to them
abc does has moved to www.abcdoes.com
fine motor locks and keys
a child's hand is reaching for something in a metal pan on a table
The Guilletos Playful Learning
My Montessori Preschool: writing, name recog. fine motor...glue beans to spell names, use colored glue to spell names
the numbers and counting cups are sitting on the table with pencils in each cup
4 Maths Activities for Getting Ready for School
Number and counting activity
printable worksheet for preschool with hands and fingers on the lines to help students learn
Ateliers de maths MS période 1 (PS plus tard donc)