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three pictures of decorative metal handles on a wall
A few different designs of my animal head pokers, getting ready for Christmas.
a person holding a pair of scissors on top of a table
Javos Ironworks
dirtysmith: “ Getting there… #toolstomaketools #dirtysmith #wheresdirtysmith…
many different types of hammers are displayed on a wall
SPECIALIZED ON BLACKSMITH ANVILS AND FORGE TOOLS - blacksmith anvils paradise by Emerald Koch
a metal hook is attached to the side of a wooden door with an iron handle
- Cloverdale Forge
Hook No.30 #366hooks started with 1" sq and 1-1/2x1/4 stock. This one took way…
a metal bell hanging from the side of a wall next to a hook on a wall
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Burnett Forge
a pair of pliers sitting on top of a wooden table
Adorno en hierro
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of metal
Making a Fleur De Lis
several different types of scissors on a piece of wood
From the beginning to the end #blacksmith #forged #forgedhook #working
four pieces of metal sitting on top of a piece of machinery with the words stages of a pineapple twist
Pineapple Twist
Today (Wed, Sept. 7th) is the first day the rain's let up in two and a half days. A long storm system moving striaght up along the Appalachians ruined what should have been a great 3-day weekend. I...
an old metal vise is being used to make a piece of wood and vice
You'll find this type of clamp in smithies in Norway and Sweden where they forge axes. Very convenient if you're working by yourself! I…