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Warrior’s Pilgrimage: The Creation of Playable Art | 80lvl

Warrior’s Pilgrimage: The Creation of Playable Art

Here's how to make a super-bright LED light panel. It's equivalent to a 1000w incandescent light bulb, and it's super useful for video work as it has a daylight colour temperature and doesn't use PWM for dimming. There are 900 individual LEDs in this panel, which is why it's so bright.Here's a list of parts:3x 5m 'natural white' 5050 LED strips:http://www.ebay.com/itm/140910799335 (reliable seller)step-down voltage regulator:http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_sacat...a sheet of 6mm MDFa sheet…

Picture of How to make a super-bright LED light panel (for video work etc) Fantastic video on DIY equivalent LED panel. Would need Eric to mentor me on this.

How to Make a Professional Camera Slider (100% DIY!) - Only 40 Pounds cost (no electronics needed)

In this video we're going to make a super-smooth camera slider so that we can pull off some awesome cinematic camera moves! Video Blocks sign-up link:

Neon installations by Laddie John Dill | the PhotoPhore

A central figure in the California Light and Space movement, Laddie John Dill has been using incandescent materials to construct luminous sculptures