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Výsledek obrázku pro barevné nehty

Your ring finger is where you wear your wedding ring. It only makes sense that it’s specially designed on the day of Hearts. Here’s a design that will make it unique.

Another wonderful version of the classy bow inspired French tips. The nails are coated in clear nail polish as tipped with white polish, simple but cute bow accents are also added on top to complete the look as they are pinned in place by small silver beads.

French is always a term related to front-line of fashion revolution. French nail design earned its reputation in nail art fashion industry for a long time among women.

Cute Nail Designs 11

Gradient nail art and silver glitter nail art designed in French tips. Stand out of the crowd with beautiful nail art decorated with Glitter Powder Everyone wants to look as good as they can. Especially girls, a lot of girls… Continue Reading →