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Be Creative with Old Wine Bottles After you drink the wine, what the heck can you do with the wine bottles. Quite a lot, actually. And wine barrels make great DIY project too. Here are some DIY Wine bottle ideas; let us know which project you will try.

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These look crazy awesome, but I would HATE these stairs in a practical sense, I think. I'm already paranoid enough about falling down stairs.


Modular Furniture Multi Purpose For Small Space Room. Table, workspace, couch, and giant bed! Why buy all of those for hundreds - thousands of dollars when you can buy an all-in-one?


ECOHOLS - Home of JØRN How would products of great brands of alcoholic spirits look like, if they were packed in beverage cartons instead of their prominent bottles? Times are changing, what remains of the brand?

Ceramic Kettle - Rowenta

The Ceramic Art Kettle, designed by Eliumstudio for Rowenta, is an appliance that combines an immaculate aesthetic with innovative sensibility.