Iconos para las aplicaciones

a pink dessert with a strawberry on top
˚₊꒷ ᨳ cherry ₊˚✧
a pink and white cake shaped like a snail with a strawberry on it's top
3d icon
🍓 all credit to @385688863 on 小红书
an image of a young man with a green leaf on his head and the words'i love you'in front of him
Pegatinas: Day6
the receipt has been placed next to some cupcakes and other things on it
Spotify edit
an ice cream ball in a bowl with a blue straw sticking out of the top
3d 🍧 icon
🤍all credit to original owner
a white cloud floating in the air on a white background with no clouds above it
a poster with different foods and words on it, including bread, eggs, toast, milk
two cups filled with ice cream and toppings on top of each other in front of a white background