Michal Popelář

Michal Popelář

Michal Popelář
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Infografika: Jak se vidí české e-shopy v roce 2014 : Marketing journal


A Web Site Designed Infographic Timeline: Web design planning, including milestones, involvement, importance & timeline between both agency and clients

How Do We Spend Our Time Online?

Global Online Time Spent: See a breakdown of the most popular web properties around the world and users' habits regarding visit frequency.

Must see: Are you ready for the digital revolution? Successful companies understand their customers, harness big data, make the most of their integrated channels, and are organized around the customer.

Fully packed infographic by McKinsey on the future digital organization and the customer decision journey (CDJ), which is increasingly collaborative and iterative.

Social Media Users

12 Types Of Social Network Users Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Social Media category. Check out 12 Types Of Social Network Users now!

Infographic: How to jumpstart engagement on Twitter | Articles | Main

Maximizing your infographic provides good reference but you can easily find out when your community is most active via tools like Crowdbooster