Michal Kutil

Michal Kutil

Michal Kutil
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Microsoft Smartwatch Concept Running Windows

Forget the Pebble Steel or the Sony Smartwatch 2 or the LG G Watch. Or any of these five smartwatch concepts. This is the one to beat.

Turn Your Car's Cupholders Into a Wireless Smartphone Charger

The ZENS Wireless Car Charger is a fantastic space-saving way to charge your phone in your vehicle's cup holder.

Nokia makes a skirt from 80 Lumia smartphones.

Skirt sashays with 80 Nokia Lumia smartphones (pictures) - Page 5

iRing controls your iPod / iPhone from the touch of your finger  AWESOME!

iRing Controls Your iPod. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with your iPod and iPhone, the iRing allows you to control playback and volume on any of your Apple media devices. Battery life of up to 2 days before needing to be recharged.