Michal Jeschke

Michal Jeschke

Michal Jeschke
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Even fall can be a beautiful time of year. I can't wait for the changing leaves!

Gorgeous orange autumn leaves drifting down into the forest woodlands pool of water as fog begins to drift in among the trees in the distance. - DdO:) - Rippling reflections of the old key subject tree.


Horror: You're a master of darkness and suspense, so horror is your bag. Cold-sweats and dark alleys abound - you're a regular Edgar Allan Poe.

Abandoned Steel Mill.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Blast Furnace- Standing 92 ft tall it dominates the local landscape. The towers are also the last non-operational blast furnaces still standing in the Pittsburgh area.

to dust

Creepy gothic church ruin in Norfolk, England “Local myth has it that the nun who lived here was a witch with a wooden leg. After she died and was buried in the church, this tree began to grow from her grave, having sprouted from the wooden leg!