Garage & Workbench Makeover

Garage & Workbench Makeover

Film Camera Table Lamp

Film Camera Table Lamp

The lampholder is a real film camera, we recycle the old camera then transorm it to a table lamp. Size: Power line length: Lamp power: Lamp replacement: only allow use tung

Where I spend all my spare time.

If you are passionate about game, it's time to remodel your regular room into a video game room. Check out these amazing video game room ideas!

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2017 Battlestation

How to make an under-desk tool drawer. Would love to do this if I ever get my own studio.

How to make your own Under Desk Tool Drawer. Made from scavenged kitchen-unit runners, some wood - and no need for serious tools/workshop.

Multicoloured Univerity Battlestation

View computer workstations and gaming setups with uses ranging from programming to gaming and everything in between.