Contents1 The Case for Flafka2 Example: Transaction Ingest3 Example: Event Processing During Ingest4 Flume’s Kafka Channel5 Conclusion This post highlights the integration of Kafka with Apache Hadoop, demonstrating both a basic ingestion capability as well as how different open-source components can be easily combined to create a near-real time stream processing workflow using Kafka, Apache...

Flafka: Apache Flume Meets Apache Kafka for Event Processing - Ingest Tips

Hortonworks Dataflow Powered by Apache Nifi

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) by Apache Nifi is the first integrated platform that solves the real time complexity and challenges of transporting data.

The Hadoop Ecosystem in 30 Minutes — Part 2 - DZone Big Data

Overview of Apache Hadoop EcoSystem

LinkedIn began processing “big data” on Apache Hadoop six years ago. As time passed, we recognized that some of our use cases couldn’t be implemented in Hadoop due to the large turn-around time that batch processing needed. We wanted our results to be calculated incrementally and available immediately at any time. Around the same time, …

Apache Samza, LinkedIn's Framework for Stream Processing - The New Stack

The Hadoop Ecosystem in 30 Minutes - DZone Big Data

Overview of Apache Hadoop EcoSystem -