Other Websites I Am Involved With.

These are my sites. I manage all 4 of these sites. Three of which are WP and the fourth is a Joomla site.
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http://www.bestbuycartsandparts.com/ This is my WP sister blog site to our main site: www.BestBuyGolfCarts.com

http://www.bestbuygolfcarts.com/ This is the main site for our golf cart dealership

This WP site concerns my internet marketing business. I can help anyone to build a presence online and successfully build and brand any business online!! http://www.pureleverage.com/michaelrosenbarker/

http://www.michaelrosenbarker.com/ This is my personal blog WP site where I blog just about anything on my mind. This is where I can be me and not worry about "offending" a potential customer or business associate with one of my viewpoints!

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