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Michael Carbol
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Kokedama rosa

Kokedama of miniature rose. It is an interesting combination. Miniature roses to the moss ball, the Tokas recommend those thick with dark color of the leaves. Moss is a strong thing is good seems to dry.

Mega kokedama

“What started out two years ago as the whimsical project of Fedor, a Dutch fellow about whom nobody seems to know much, has blossomed into a series of string gardens: planted hanging gardens …

Kokedama shrub

Kokedama: Kokedama is the Japanese art form of enclosing a plant’s root mass in moss. Kokedama means “moss ball”.

strawberry kokedama

Strawberry is one of my favourite motif. This one is called "Elan," very popular for a hanging basket. Strawberry Kokedama looks sweet and t.

DIY kokedama

String garden - DIY on how to create your own Kokedama Hanging Plant with String. All you need is a small plant and some twine and a little bit of work and this plant and flower can be hanging from your porch in no time.