Teach your child to hold a pencil the right way with a wad of Kleenex

34 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting So Much Easier

Teach your kid how to hold a pencil properly with a wad of kleenex. // 36 Parenting Hacks pencil grip for Makenna

Use bottle caps for spelling/sight words.

Word cards with meaningful words like students' names, "mommy", and "daddy" From Counting Coconuts: Montessori Monday

Alphabet Match

Alphabet Match

Alphabet Match - use plastic bottle caps and foam letter stickers to make alphabet stamps. on cardstock, trace bottle caps and write in letters, then have kids match and stamp

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Rozlišujeme 10 slovních druhů - plakát (160,-)

Rozlišujeme 10 slovních druhů - Odlišná výslovnost a psaní souhlásek ve slovech

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Tak TROCHU ... jiný svět: Járova obrázková abeceda

Járova obrázkova abeceda – Monika R.