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the olympic symbols are displayed in different colors and sizes, including one for skiers
Part of my 3rd grade curriculum includes drawing a figure in action. I usually combine that with a reminder lesson on shadows and this tim...
a black and white drawing of a girl on a skateboard with her arms in the air
Paper Plate Ice Skate Craft – The Pinterested Parent
My five year old is an aspiring hockey star. She loves it on the ice and I love watching her. An old photo of her on skates inspired this paper plate ice skater craft. If…Continue Reading…
the outline of a ballerina is shown
Снежинки - Балеринки – 61 photos
Снежинки - Балеринки | ВКонтакте
six paper cut outs with silhouettes of dancers on snowflakes and stars in the sky
the back cover of a book with an image of a cartoon character on it's face
an image of a cartoon character on a sled and another drawing of a snowboarder
.. Hiver .. " luge enfant , paysage sapin et poème la gelée " - Le blog de nounoucoindespetits
Christmas Ornament Coloring Page, Toddler Art Projects