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various flowers drawn in black ink on white paper, each with different shapes and sizes
a piece of paper that has some type of writing on it with different types of words
Aaah gente mais alguns TÍTULOS lindoss estou A P A I X O N A D A
an image of different kinds of potted plants and their names on the bottom right hand side
a piece of paper that has some type of doodles on it with arrows and ribbons
✧ bdaileen
an open notebook with drawings of planets on it
Pastel Universe Back home now and just wanted to say thank you to all the KC peeps I met last weekend! ✨ I always enjoy your hospitality, kindness and the great food that your city has to offer!
a large set of icons and symbols for different types of items in the form of letters
инст / хайлайтс / обложки
the 50 weather hand drawn icons
the instructions for how to draw cartoon animals with pencils and marker on white paper
a drawing of daisies on a white background
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daisy and flowers image