FREE printable Christmas Paper Chain Template

Christmas garland printable, which means I might actually make some garlands this year. Usually I just end up with loads of weird-looking pieces of paper.

Ohoh Blog - diy and crafts: DIY angel votive

DIY angel votive

I made these cute angel votive as center piece for our Christmas table. It's maybe a little to late for an other Christmas decor, but yo.

dehuirhojzaovm-b.jpg (500×501) -

dehuirhojzaovm-b.jpg (500×501) -

Maak je eigen kaartjesHeb je een stapel oud papier liggen in de berging? Gooi deze dan niet weg, maar leef je uit met schaar, papier, lijm, ...

These torn paper tree cards. You could use photocopied pages of a Christmas story or Christmas carol sheet music.

Hand Holding Heart on a B&W background using positive / nice words.

grade students filled their background with positive/nice words. Then by rubbing the side of different crayons, students gave their co.