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I’m Gaia, dreamer from Italy. I started the blog with the idea of giving suggestions to others starting from my own life experience. Stay tuned and please let me know whatever you think about my posts!

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Au Pair life

Time flies...It was the 7th of October, 2 month ago when I started a new chapter of my life as Au Pair in a tiny and cosy village in the north-west of Ireland. I was waiting to write down this post because I think that before judge or give an opinion about anything is necessary and…

This was my plan. EASY isn’t it? Well… travels, life and mistakes teach you the hard lesson: things don’t always go according to plans! learn it fast and you’ll never be di… Natural Park, Basque Country, Mountain Hiking, The Dreamers, Lost, Wellness, How To Plan, Mistakes, Youtube

I got lost!

This was my plan. EASY isn't it?! Well... travels, life and mistakes teach you the hard lesson: things don't always go according to plans! learn it fast and you'll never be disappointed again...! I really took it easy, to be honest, way too easy. I thought my few mountain hiking were enough to cope with…

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Apart from travelling, my other big interest is: FOOD! My culinary roots are Italian, neglecting French that will say: French cousine is the best one, most of you will think that the Italian one is so variegated, complex sometimes, and incredibly good and tasty; not to mention some Italian dishes that are known Worldwide. Irish traditions…

How to survive in Vask Country Travel Around, The Dreamers, Spain, Survival, Street View, Community, Italy, Country, Life

How to survive in Vask Country

Not exactly an 'Ultimate guide to...' because due to work I still have to travel around; but after 10 days, I clearly understand that I knew nothing about this autonomous community in northern Spain. let's try to fill the void! Little bit of history Euskal Herrin (Vask Country) is a nationality itself within Spain from 25th October 1979, composed of three provinces: Alava, Biscay…

The adventure is out there! Adventure Is Out There, Gaia, The Dreamers, Airplane View, Italy, Life, Italia

The adventure is out there!

Sometimes we have to go out of our comfortable-zone, think different, expand our horizons and take an unexpected decision. I did it all! I admit that my life was pretty easy: living with parents without problems spinning in my head, no bills to pay, no university, no boyfriend but I was living day by day…

My first solo travel Solo Travel, The Dreamers, Country Roads, In This Moment, Life

My first solo travel

_This post is almost 4 days later than what it was expected because in that time my life changed a bit, so I decided to put at the beginning a thought I have in this moment and take the rest untuched... Travel is a lifestyle choice that put all the others in discussion, don't take…

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My first solo travel wasn't just my first solo travel but also my FIRST BACKPACKERS experience. I never thought of doing something so 'crazy' before, it was a very far far idea for me thinking of travel from one place to another carrying all the time your backpack, namely your entire luggage. I've always seen…

How to plan a trip Plan A, How To Plan, Great Britain, Where To Go, The Dreamers, Ireland, Travel, Life, Viajes

How to plan a trip

Decide where to go and when is kind of easy matter but how about planning the entire trip? Well, I do know that I'm the over-planning type of traveler, but at the end in a right manner! I cannot start a trip without knowing what to see and do, but I can cope well with…