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David Hartl

Prague, Czech republic
David Hartl
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Dryad ~ Hoccus Foccus Photography

hello girl my names sorrow and if your head is feeling sorry for me stop now!'' not sad being a ''dryad,been a tree nymph forever.enjoy watching all the creatures an activity below.heard all about you.

...so cool ...

MOTHER NATURE, PORTUGAL Some places are just simply made by our Nature, others are built by humans. There also are places that the nature has made them beautiful, but the men touched them so he could use it and enjoy them.

Forest Nymph

LOVE the use of moss for coverage. (not all over the head, but as a sort of makeshift "top") Blossom seed. Shapers who have consumed blossom seeds are overgrown with lichen, flower and bark.

Dryad - Monster Squadby Neverheidae (Jayme Neverton)

Groot ripped the Dryad off - of course. Also reminds some of what the humanoid form of the Baharik dragons look like! Dryad - Monster Squad by Neverheidae (Jayme Neverton)

tää ei taida olla ihan sovellettavissa häihin, mutta kaunis kuva

Dryads are female tree spirits in Greek mythology, and each dryad is born with a certain tree they must protect. They either live in the tree, in which the tree is called a hamadryad, or close to it.