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orange jello shots are stacked on top of each other with the words, see more adult drink recipes
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holiday jello shots with candy canes and candies
Christmas Jello Shots
These Holiday Jello Shots are a festive way to celebrate the holidays! They are super delicious and feature tri-color layers of jello infused with vodka. So they are perfect for holiday parties and get-togethers.
two glasses filled with smoothie and strawberries
Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe
There are only 4 ingredients in this strawberry smoothie and if you really pushed yourself, I bet this could be a 30 second meal ;).
a person holding up a bottle of vodka next to a blender and flower arrangement
Smirnoff Bomb Pop/Firecracker Recipe -6 popsicles -3 cups pink lemonade -1.5 cups red, white, & berry Smirnoff -1 can sprite -Fill with ice
three bottles of wine sitting on top of a wooden table
strawberry colada smoothie in glasses with strawberries on the side and text overlay
Strawberry Colada Smoothie - Cooking Classy
Strawberry Colada Smoothie - these are so refreshing on a hot summer day! Love the strawberry coconut flavor combo!
strawberry lemonade smoothie with strawberries on the side
Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie - Damn Delicious
Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie - Sweet, tangy and wonderfully refreshing with just 4 ingredients, made completely from scratch. No frozen concentrate here!
a poster showing the different types of shots in each glass, and how they are made
Even if you don't party anymore, these shot recipes are worth trying
Watch out — these fun shooters go down easy, but they pack a punch
a close up of a drink in a glass with salt on top and the words santa claus - appolitan
Santa Claus-Mopolitan: A signature holiday drink
Santa Claus is coming to town... He knows if you've been bad or good... So be good for goodness sake... ...and whip up ...
an orange drink is sitting on a table with the words octopussy written in it
two glasses filled with red liquid sitting on top of a black table next to each other
Suicide Squad Inspired Cocktail - The Harley Quinn | Life She Has
Harley Quinn cocktail 1
the poster for joker gone wild shows two glasses filled with green liquid and purple sprinkles
Suicide Squad Inspired Cocktail - The Joker Gone Wild | Life She Has