Matyáš Zamazal

Matyáš Zamazal

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Matyáš Zamazal
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James Monteith

Here’s a great account from TesseracT guitarist, James Monteith about why he feels strongly about Record Store Day.

Wake me up!

Tesseract - Nocturne (Live Footage at the Craufurd Arms)


Wal Bass Mk 1 - Kind of odd seeing a Wal in plain, gloss black, when they are known for their exotic wood finishes, but I think while very low-key, it kind of works in a stealthy way.

Justin Chancellor of Tool. Sees colours when he hears notes. Best brain disorder ever!

Justin Chancellor of Tool. Pedal board to die for and odd rhythmic wanderings.


Drummer Danny Carey on New Tool Album: "I'm Hoping We'll Get in the Studio by June/July"

Sikth - (If You Weren't So) Perfect

Sikth - (If You Weren't So) Perfect