Matyáš Zamazal

Matyáš Zamazal

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Matyáš Zamazal
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James Monteith

Here’s a great account from TesseracT guitarist, James Monteith about why he feels strongly about Record Store Day.

Wake me up!

Tesseract - Nocturne (Live Footage at the Craufurd Arms)

1953 corvette

I love the original Vette's styling! My step-father had the and it was soooooooooooooo fun to ride in it when I was a kid!


Wal Bass Mk 1 - Kind of odd seeing a Wal in plain, gloss black, when they are known for their exotic wood finishes, but I think while very low-key, it kind of works in a stealthy way.

Justin Chancellor of Tool. Sees colours when he hears notes. Best brain disorder ever!

Justin Chancellor of Tool. Pedal board to die for and odd rhythmic wanderings.


Tool - Maynard James Keenan (Vocals), Adam Jones (Guitatist), Justin Chancellor (Bassist) & Danny Carey (Drummer) since