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Just to make it clear, I only ship them if they PUBLICALLY STATE that they are dating. I think its honestly a bit weird for random fans to ship ACTUAL PEOPLE especially if they haven't announced that they are dating, but if they were dating I would DEFINITELY ship it.

I'm a phan shipper and all, but this is not proof at all. Watch the actual video.

Okay this had me SHOOK I freaked 《 I made ACTUAL SOUND I jusmped so hard

I was watching this in a fucking doctors office I nearly fell off the couch>> wow izzie

Reminds me of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. "I'm Harry. Just Harry." Except Phil managed fame without needing to survive an assassination attempt.

Precious little Phil we need to love him and protect him ❤️<<<he's too precious for this world<<<he's not just Phil he's AmazingPhil and he saved so many goddamn lives bless his soul smol bean I'm crafting ♥️♥️♥️