These vertical lights coming down the wall are kinda cool! I don't think we have any room/wall space left for this anywhere lol but just a cool idea!

17 Cosy Reading Nooks To Get You Through The Winter

Fairy lights around the bed :) Great idea for a little girls room, comfy,cozy for those bedtime stories. Little girls room? This would look great in my grown up room.


A beautiful sunrise bedroom view, overlooking stunning mountains and hill tops. Simple elegant white drapes for a relaxing bedroom view

Wood, stone, and a great view!

All classic mountain interiors have stone fireplace, much wood, leather club seats and warm red colours.

a tree house, a fort or secret hideout. A simple, ea... Hop on over for the "how to" tutorial at

Cool Projects Idea Box by Jamie Kersten

Here at Design Dazzle we gathered some amazing playhouses & treehouses. Take a look for some inspiration for your kid's treehouse or playhouse.

Hugh Comstock's Fairytale Houses in Carmel, California. This one is named Hansel.

Real Fairy Tale Cottage in Carmel CA (Inspiration for a DIY fairy house. The steep roof peaks, the rounded door, the stacked stone fireplace and shades of green are perfect for a fairy house.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! Head over HEELS!!!! It's like my attic bedroom suite in my house,,,but,,,AWAY from everyone. I cold live on a hill. In Wales,,,by the sea * sigh*

A hunting cabin turned Tiny Victorian Cottage in the Catskills ."This cottage is only accessible via a stone crossing over a stream.I'd love to have a place like this!

this one is so cute; and some great treehouses at this link

Treehouses and houses in trees ranging from faerie fantasy to smooth and futuristic

The 10 Most Beautiful Tree Houses….Your Inner Child Is About To Be Very Happy! | Over Grow The System

The 10 Most Beautiful Tree Houses from the Project White Crow Farm Project. Look at all the lights! secret garden should have a pretty tree house like this for children and warm summer nights saman ev

Cob is a natural building material made using mud, straw and lime that has been in use for millennia. Fireproof, earthquake-resistant and very inexpensive to build with. saman ev

Vancouver Cob House- Love the style, but not convinced I want to live in one.

Sada 2 ks hrnků Caravan Appleby, 500 ml | Bonami

Sada 2 ks hrnků Caravan Appleby, 500 ml

Běhoun DESIGUAL Mandala Celeste | Bonami

Běhoun DESIGUAL Mandala Celeste | Bonami saman ev

Cob structures need a good pair of boots (stone/brick foundation) and a good hat (protective roof). With these two important factors, cob buildings can last hundreds of years.

Pestrobarevný ráj DESIGUAL

This blanket is called handflower! Because the garden of Eden would love to have those colors!