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An elegant blue monocerus stands looking not so fierce. Bodleian Library, MS. Bodley 764, Folio 22r

The Monoceros has the body of a horse, the feet of an elephant and the tail of a stag. It's 4 foot long horn is so sharp it can pierce anything. Humans can never tame it. It can be killed but never taken alive.

Medieval Bestiary : Dragon Gallery

Bodley Folio Doves perch in a peridexion tree, where they are safe from the dragons waiting below. The dragons cannot catch the doves unless they leave the tree.

The scrollwork in the narrow borders seems to echo the rhythm of the waves. Noahs Ark (Getty Museum)

Noah's Ark (Getty Museum) - Unknown English, East Anglia (perhaps Norfolk), century Tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment MS.

Initial A: David and Companion Musicians, an illumination from a German manuscript, c.1170s; King David can be identified by his symbolic attributes: a crown and harp. (The J Paul Getty Museum)

Initial A: David and Companion Musicians (King David Symbol, Crown and Harp) - Germany - 1170

Makoto Maruyama Illustration

Grandma by Makoto Maruyama 8 x 10 inches x cm.) Giclée print of an original in acrylic on japanese paper.