Megaman X, Zero and Ciel into Bee Commando

Also called Megaman Zero 5 After using a cyber elf to help himself stay put during Ragnarok Fall, Zero body perish in the aftermatch, lefting only his helmet…
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a yellow and black bee with blue eyes on it's back legs, flying in the air
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an image of a red and blue bee with wings on it's back, surrounded by other images
Crazy Bee_V50, Nice Miao🐾
an image of a robot that is very cute
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a drawing of a bee sitting on top of a puddle of water next to flowers
Premium Photo | Cute Bee Kawaii
Premium Photo | Cute bee kawaii
a woman dressed as a bee flying through the air
League of Legends: Queen Bee Syndra 2.0, Thorsten Erdt
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Mecha titanus Coleoptera