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a man walking down a snow covered road in front of a building that has been destroyed
Architecture of Doom
talking-about-darkness: “Warsaw/Warszawa, Prudential, 1946. By John Vachon. ”
an old book store with many books in the window
the alphabet is letters
used books and guns
an old black and white photo of people standing in front of a movie theater on the corner
Vintage Cinema Marquees
Vintage Cinema Marquees | Steve Hoffman Music Forums
black and white photograph of two people standing in front of a building
Back to the USSR: Photo
I collect Soviet memorabilia here that I like and that gives that special nostalgic feeling for the "good old times". I'm Russian and I was born in the USSR, so some of it carries a special meaning for me, they are things I remember, bits of my childhood. Earlier years also fascinate me big time. I want to capture daily life of ordinary people in the big country rather than its political and military history. Life that is still remembered and missed by many.
a woman sitting at a table in front of a wall with posters on it and an umbrella hanging from the ceiling
Nowoczesna Warszawa lat 60. [Zdjęcia]
an old red car is parked in front of a window with a woman looking out
Shop window in Wroclaw, 1982 - Chris Niedenthal
a woman walking down the street with a stroller in front of a wall that has graffiti on it
Solidarnosc Photo Gallery
two young boys sitting on the sidewalk in front of a store with an advertisement behind them
Defiance, then destruction: Hanukkah in the Warsaw Ghetto - JNS.org
a person shoveling snow with a sign on it
"Fotobiografia PRL": Ikony fotografii Polski ludowej kreślą portret epoki [FRAGMENTY KSIĄŻKI]