Werbung zu Weihnachten

Vor allem zu Weihnachten legen sich Firmen richtig ins Zeug, um die Aufmerksamkeit der Verbraucher zu gewinnen. Dafür versuchen sie sich möglichst an den Dingen zu orientieren, die das Publikum mit Weihnachten verbindet. Auf diesem Board stellen wir euch einige kreative Beispiele aus der Werbewelt vor.
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Hellmann’s usó todo su ingenio para estar presente con este anuncio navideño

When Christmas time comes, there are just ads everywhere. Christmas season is a perfect time for your marketing or product promotion, and creative advertising design can easily stand out and catch people's eyes at the first time.

Coca-Cola: Cokesanta

Coke ads like these are playing into the Christmas Culture. Santa claus was originally shown as a large man with rosey cheeks by the Coca Cola company and they have kept the tradition since then as the the idea was accepted into pop culture.

Diane Rothschild, a Creative Hall of Fame copywriter, made it to the top of The Mad, Mad, Mad Men world.

One Of The Most Famous Christmas Ads Ever Was Written By A Woman

Christmas season ad.  Shows the excessive amounts of gifts purchased during the holiday season.

One of my all time favorite ad campaigns is the one from Absolut Vodka with the creative ads that started to pop up back in the In fact, it was probably those specific ads that got me…

Christmas advertising - Adidas

Les 50 meilleures affiches publicitaires pour Noël !

The benefit to using a Christmas tree in advertisements is that you can create one out of any product. Here's 15 of the best Christmas tree advertisements.

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The Print Ad titled SANTA was done by McCann Madrid advertising agency for Nescafe in Spain.

Creative Christmas Ads And Posters - brilliant! Who doesn't want to lose weight after the holidays?

The Outdoor Advert titled FATHER CHRISTMAS was done by JWT Specialized Communications advertising agency for Haach, a Health Club in Singapore

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This New year ad for the pasta brand Barilla is really interesting. Having the spaghetti coming out of the page, exploding like a firework is definitely a new approach to a pasta ad.