Produktverpackung // Werbestrategien

Die Verpackung ist entscheidend dafür, dass Produkte in der Fülle des Angebotes wahrgenommen werden. In ihrer Gestaltung werden die Produktmarke und ihre Eigenschaften (wieder)erkennbar.
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Bla-Bla Cookies packaging captures this technique in a clever design by students at Moscow's British Higher School of Art and Design: Adeliya Koldarova, Oksana Paley, Daria Sapozhnikova and Zaira Panaeva


Little matches! Wonderful character art and packaging design on these. Even the matches are cute in Japan.


Bzzz Honey Pack - inside is honey, much like a real hive; also folds out into a toast rack when emptied.

#ear #sheep

Draw me a Sheep by Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire. Now you need a cotton wool dispenser in the shape of a bunny with a hole at the tail. So the cotton wool bud sticking out is the tail!

Innovative packaging always sparks a lot of interest.

Vender ideas: packaging creativo

Nice packaging for a direct mail piece. Lots of hidden surprises through interaction.

Presentation Design: Nice packaging for a direct mail piece. Lots of hidden surprises through interaction.


another honey!

I have selected a wide range of package designs within the honey category. I found it intriguing how honey has inspired so many different package designs. Very unique designs here. Unfortunately I was not able to label each package with its designer.

A24+ Silence Water

Silence Water designed by Chris Trivizas plays on a common Greek myth reminding us to "listen first, then speak".

Warm Cookie Delivery #design #packaging

[ fun + cookie box + ] Thelma's is a warm cookie delivery business named in honor of the owner's great-grandma, famous for her snickerdoodle cookie recipe. For an added touch, a few words of wisdom from Thelma are printed on the back of the box.