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the paper bugs are all made up of different colors
BUGS from ice cream wooden sticks
popsicle stick bug craft - insect craft -
a group of colorful pencils with different colored animals on them sitting next to each other
Braided Pipe Cleaner Bracelets
These braided pipe cleaner bracelets are so cute, and they're really easy to make! This is a great pipe cleaner craft, a fun activity for kids, and a cute way to make frienship bracelets. A great craft for summer camp or sleepovers.
How to Make a Dreamcatcher
a green christmas tree in the corner of a room
How to Create the Perfect Grinch Christmas Tree
a decorated christmas tree with presents under it
the instructions for how to make a red feathered wreath with scissors and ribbon on it
DIY "Poof-a-licious" Boa Wreath
Super easy bow to add to your gifts