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an old drawing of some sort of box in the woods, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
How to Build a Bee Skep - Modern Farmer
a stone building with a window in the center surrounded by plants and flowers on either side
Bee skep in bole by hockadilly (a bee bole is a cavity or alcove in a wall commonly used for bee-keeping in Britain prior to the mid-19th century) by hockadilly on Flickr
a brick walkway with trees and flowers in the middle, leading to an open gate
15 Genius Landscaping Ideas for Front of House - Nikki's Plate
15 Genius Landscaping Ideas for Front of House - Nikki's Plate
an outdoor garden area with potted plants and trees in front of a white house
Beaufort garden tour! #beaufortSC
a garden filled with lots of different types of plants
Favorite Garden Inspiration - Room for Tuesday Blog
a wooden plaque with gardening tools and plants on it's face, mounted to the side of a house
a garden with white flowers and a fountain surrounded by greenery in front of a house
Pretty Pink Tulips - The Glam Pad
a statue in the middle of a garden surrounded by shrubbery and bushes with green leaves
Figures Collection - New England Garden Company
an outdoor dining area in the middle of a brick patio surrounded by hedges and trimmed with boxwood
Passion Project - Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles
Brick-paved walkways, manicured boxwoods, espaliered shrubs and a dining terrace are only part of the backyard’s appeal.
a white house sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a garden filled with trees
27 Simple Yet Beautiful Lawn and Landscape Ideas - Lawn Love
an old wooden arbor with vines growing over it's sides in front of a stone building
The Best Design Adds Depth to Walls
TARA DILLARD: The Best Design Adds Depth to Walls
two black planters filled with flowers next to a brick building on a rainy day
Metallgitter - Kim Lancaster-Colburn | Backyard landscaping, Garden trellis, Garden design