Prague Spring. Augusto 1968

A business man stares on as Soviet tanks roll in to Czechoslovakia to crush the Prague Spring, 1968

Panzer der Udssr in den Straßen von Prag. Prager Frühling, 1968.

The Soviet invasion - Soviet tanks parked in the streets of Prague - August, 1968 (by Ralph Crane)

Paul Goldsmith Photography | Prague 1968 | The Photographs

Historic Photographs and Book by Paul Goldsmith of the Soviet invasion of Prague 1968 with comments by George Schulz and Condoleeza Rice.

Prague spring 1968 : protesters holding poster "Go Home"

Jenifer K Wofford is a Filipina-American artist and arts educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also one-third of the artist team Mail Order Brides/M.