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Star Trek - USS Defiant

USS Defiant On Star Trek: Deep Space this tough little Federation warship equipped with a Romulan cloaking device got it's crew out of a number of scrapes.

An advanced strike vessel which incorporates the latest in Federation technology, the Courageous Class emphasizes its offensive capability among all others. This ensures optimum performance in combat. First launched in the late 2380's, the class is expected to be the premier escort vessel.

Some might say that this is a good thing, but we've never seen a carrier class starship in Star Trek. The 'Invasion' game that came out in the late on the Playstation console had a tiny carrie.

Enterprise Cross-Section by ~chimera335 on deviantART -- would go lovely with my blueprints of the Enterprise D.

This was my take on the internal arrangement of the U. Enterprise that I did partly for my portfolio and partly as a mental exercise. It seems like a rite of passage that Trekkies interested in.

I have always loved this design, The Nova Class starship!If you have noticed, it's part of my deviantart ID name, Nova. Anyways, thanks to the modeler for sharing this wonderfu.