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Okay...maybe my inspiration is different from yours...:P

(Open rp,I'm the blonde one named Ari,be the boss)B-boss!*I cry out as he ties my hand behind my back and moves his other hand to my zipper*

Okay...this is so cute...O////O  (Elektel Delusion -- Fumihiro X Shunpei)

O////O (Elektel Delusion -- Fumihiro X Shunpei)

I don't ship it but cute pic. Kasamatsu & Kise | Kuroko no Basket #anime #yaoi

Kise x Kasamatsu - Kasamatsu x Kise - KiseKasa - KasaKise - 黄笠 - Kise Ryouta - Kasamatsu Yukio - Yaoi