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Elephant Rock. Heimaey, Iceland

Elephant Rock, Heimaey, Iceland - The Elephant Rock is a natural rock formation found on the island of Heimaey (meaning Home Island) in Iceland’s Vestmannaeyjar archipelago


(KO) What a precious baby! This little fawn knows to lie low in the underbrush until Mama comes back from foraging. Then he/she will have some warm milk and a bath. Sweet little baby.

Nature's Amazing Art

Kissing Rocks The surf has carved an arch beneath two interesting rocks here that now appear to "kiss" one another. One of the more interesting rock formations on the Pacific Grove Rec trail.

1940s ladies trouser styles. Oh yes, my gals in the novel would wear these at…

In the late and early before the war, pants oftentimes incorporated wide cuff details on them. However, as World War II fabric restrictions were put into place, these cuffs were dropped.